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Creative entrepreneur and digital asset investor. I share actionable knowledge for creative solopreneurs to stay autonomous and build a resilient mindset.


  • Abbosturdiyev


  • SERGI 💎

    SERGI 💎

    Writer! my topics #writing #writingtips #marketingtips #socialmedia #marketing #SEO. join and

  • Jeff Johnston

    Jeff Johnston

    I’m a recovering attorney and CPA who loves to create content.

  • Alicia Domínguez

    Alicia Domínguez

    English philologist/ Gothic magazine owner/ I help people learn more about the dark side/ Subscribe to my free newsletter:

  • Kamga Tchassa

    Kamga Tchassa

    I write for immigrants (and people who would love to understand them) about how to adapt, build relationships, and thrive through the challenges of a new home.

  • JK Conibear

    JK Conibear

    I write for busy people who struggle to add well-being into their lives. I focus on productivity, communication and storytelling narratives.

  • Charles Michael

    Charles Michael

    Giving you all your health, fitness and diet needs in a no nonsense manner!

  • Christiana White

    Christiana White

    Writer | Reader | Mother | Cook | Support my writing here ➜

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