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Creative entrepreneur and digital asset investor. I share actionable knowledge for creative solopreneurs to stay autonomous and build a resilient mindset.


  • Leslie Crawford

    Leslie Crawford

    Top 1,000 Medium Writer | Top Medium Writer in Life Lessons & Relationships | Freelance Writer & Editor | Chicken Wrangler | 85% Joy |15% Rage | 100% Curious

  • Ian


    Freelance writer with interests in tech, politics, and science; occasionally also the outdoors often escaping from the first two.

  • Rebecca Iglehart

    Rebecca Iglehart

  • Molly DeShazo

    Molly DeShazo

  • Daniel Millington

    Daniel Millington

    Avid reader and inspiring writer of fiction/ fantasy based literature with the occasional psychology based musings.

  • Hitarthi patel

    Hitarthi patel

  • Alec Talan

    Alec Talan

    Director and General Counsel of Blue Skies Consulting, where he leads the West Coast practice and the Program Leadership and Digital Strategy service lines

  • Sagunracquel


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